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Dividends on SRWP asset won't be paid any more.

To compensate your investments and unpaid dividends (36 weeks), I have made the decision to redeem all assets at the price 140 FIMK for 1 asset.

Calculation of the price for an asset: 100 FIMK - the asset price + 36 FIMK dividends for 36 weeks + 4 FIMK moral compensation = 140 FIMK for an asset.

I won't explain all causes of failure to work with this asset, the main is transition to more progressive HEAT platform.

I consider that I compensate all financial expenses, and that who worked with me from the very beginning has received good percent of profit.

P.S Only 1 person has got 10 assets at the price 200 FIMK - let will address to me any in the way, convenient for him, and I compensate him assets personally. All of good luck.

Will you compensate also for those who did not waited 36 weeks for this announcement. You probably can easily see from blockchain history who has sold under 100 FIMKs by what price and at by what time and do calculations with that information.

I have been one of the biggest supporters of your asset, but did not waited forever when you disappeared.

My account is: FIM-SXZR-FC2D-XPRW-8ZXKC

General FIMK Discussion / Re: launch
« on: September 16, 2016, 10:45:39 PM »
Deleted message.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Where have all the forgers gone?
« on: July 31, 2016, 01:21:07 AM »
About security: I'm wondering (just theoretically, I have no intention personally ;-), if it's possible to securely burn/wipe/nullify/destroy any unit of FIMK or other cryptocurrency. I mean, because there's always a key in existence, there's also (at least theoretically) a way for somebody to recover it. Somebody, could (quite unexpectedly) remember the mnemonic all of a sudden, find a piece of paper or a file/e-mail (that was supposed to be destroyed). Or is there a way to prove that somebody has thrown away money? Or are you talking about a hard fork?

You can send stuff to genesis address to burn them. Address can be found by search as I have asked it before. Even if someone has key for it, he cant do anything with it, because it has negative balance. It is first address from where fimks are distributed.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Where have all the forgers gone?
« on: July 30, 2016, 08:34:39 PM »
I don't think we've mentioned boosting exchange rate as a reason for possible burning. It wouldn't affect that much immediately. Burning would serve other purposes (getting rid of FIMK that could pose a problem later on or during adoption).

Ok. I have misunderstood at some point. I have remembrance that you said to burn to increase value of remaining fimks, but maybe I remember wrong and that can mean also other things than exchange rate as priority, some "security reasons" etc like you said.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Where have all the forgers gone?
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:18:19 AM »
I Have heard most probably use for fimks used to buy heat is to burn them for boost exchange rate, but I dont agree fully. Maybe better would be to use them for national income and bountys.

FIMK Markets and trading / Re: FIMK exchange rate?
« on: June 18, 2016, 09:28:37 PM »
The Bitshares(OpenLedger) asset can easily be looked up and tracked on Cryptofresh, which is the bo.i of Bitshares.

At this point though, it doesn't seem worth much effort.  So far, it has just been eRoh and I swapping a few thousand FIMK.  No else seems interested in FIMK trading anymore...

So, maybe we can think that as official rate until something else comes up.

Trading should be easy and fun, fun even if you lose by doing it. I even stopped using CCEDK after faced too many problems with them (also by my own mistakes). OpenLedger looks very good, but you cant deposit/withdrawal there FIMK or Bitcoin directly (same goes for NXT AE).

If you can do gateway, you could do it also for some other coins what do you prefer, I bet it would became popular, at least for some groups at first and maybe for bigger audience later. You could make some money by transaction fees. I know it would take lot of work and at least one VPS server, but.. Just a thought :)

FIMK Markets and trading / Re: FIMK exchange rate?
« on: June 17, 2016, 02:58:52 PM »
Do you have any particular section/thread in mind?
Creating a new thread with somewhat provocative (but true, such as referring to delay of weeks despite payment) header usually works fastest if the party in question pays attention to the forum at all.  ;)

I think most correct section is

But seems like there is already lot of threads about problems with yobit without response from them.

Someone adviced to send private message to YoBit admin:;u=406594

Maybe both could do, start a new thread and send message about it to admin.

FIMK Markets and trading / Re: FIMK exchange rate?
« on: June 16, 2016, 08:04:24 PM »
I already applied and paid some weeks ago, but no answer yet (except the link to the form for listing that I had already filled).

Thanks for your actions, I would not used my own money alone for society like you (I dont have much either) :)

Sounds like something went wrong if it has been weeks since applying when they promise to list in days.

It can be more difficult to add coin when it is unique.

Lets hope they add soon, and if not, then we have to ask on Bitcointalk what is going on.

Please update here.

FIMK Markets and trading / Re: FIMK exchange rate?
« on: June 16, 2016, 04:12:05 PM »
For 0.1-0.5BTC you can get FIMK listed to, what has somewhat good reputation and is monitored by coinmarketcap.

FIMK Markets and trading / FIMK exchange rate?
« on: June 16, 2016, 12:19:16 PM »
So, the FIMK exchange rate is now officially zero when it is delisted from coinmarketcap?

We still have two members running FIMK exchanges in BitShares and NXT assets, but those both need to contact asset issuer for some actions, that is too complicated for most of people.

While I haven't done it yet, this was my plan as well.  Before I put all the work in to automate it, I wanted to make sure it was something that people wanted.  If no one wants it, I don't mind shutting service down.  I just saw a need and am trying fill it.

If you really can code system like that, I can't see no reason why anyone would like to have FIMK in traditional exchanges besides, except of Coinmarketcap ranking. And some people maybe prefer other assets more than OpenLedger, but...

Thanks for pointing this out.  I have been thinking this over myself how to resolve it.  I'm glad someone else saw it too. 

I am open to trying to setup something that would allow someone to step in an emergency.  Here are my thoughts as I've contemplated this...

-- Yes, it is just me, one person.  A single point of failure that could derail the whole thing.  Though, an exchange could really be the same thing, one or two guys.  If that happens, everyone loses everything. IMO, doesn't seem that different to me. 

--  We are a relatively small community, in the beginning, you are going to have small numbers of people doing things.  That is where trust comes in.  I wanted to make that very clear and said so in my OpenLedger thread.  I guess one option would be to provide someone with copy of the FIM and OpenLedger account keys.  This would give them full access to initiate transactions on both systems.  Both the community and I would need to trust that person/party.

-- If my understanding of mutli sig features is correct, it would require that all parties sign off on transactions.  I would think that would potentially slow down transaction processing.  In addition, if one party "disappears" then nothing can happen either.  Maybe I am wrong.  If so, someone please correct me.

-- In regards to MultiGateway, I'm providing the same service to the OpenLedger trading platform.  I don't have setup a multi sig account to hold FIM (can that be even done) or the OpenLedger account that issues FIMKRYPTO.

-- If people really want to use the service, I'd automate the process.  I don't want to have to be constantly watching accounts to look for transactions.  I could give someone access to the service, but again, it would give them access to the keys.

Please feel free to add to my mental ramblings....

Thanks for answer.

I want to say, I have been following cryptocurrencies since 2012, so my opinninions are not only about FIMK.

Yes, there is maybe no difference between trust of small exchange or small decentralized exchange in some platform.

I have not tried your service, but I have and it is fully automated, transactions are almost instant if service is up and running.

Still, my main point is that you need partners to be trusted. I can be one of them for saving passwords and data if needed, but I think best option for that would be FIMK association.

Another article or two on upcoming CCEDK transition

I think the OpenLedger platform could be considered a major exchange.  It has lots of available CC to deposit and trade.  The difference between it and the traditional exchanges is that it isn't centralized.  This is a true distributed exchange.  I myself run a node.  OpenLedger is just a transaction network.  It works in much the same way as the FIM asset exchange.  Personally, I thought the traditional exchange was the weakest point in the cryptocurrency world.  While OpenLedger doesn't solve all the problems, I think it is a step in the right direction. 

The above articles state that CCEDK is not going to be an exchange anymore.  I would guess most here considered CCEDK a major exchange and they have chosen to stop the business in support of OpenLedger. 

Just my opinion

Problem with your node I think and by my opinnion is that it is only you. You need at least one partner in case of emergency if something happens and you cant be online. That is serious problem also with many other similar projects around. Some automated multisig system like would be superb behind it, but it still would need more people behind it for case of emergency. Just my 2 FIMKs.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Monetary System vs. Colored Accounts
« on: January 30, 2016, 05:12:45 PM »

Thanks for explanations.

Monetary System in NXT has not really taken off. I think people has not seen possibilities of it. By my opinnion it is much better option than creating another coin without nothing new technically on it, if for some reason wants to create one.

Colored FIMKs besides Colored Accounts could be one solution, but dont listen my newb thoughts too seriously :D

General FIMK Discussion / Monetary System vs. Colored Accounts
« on: January 30, 2016, 03:33:03 PM »
Is the "ordinary" monetary system ever coming to FIMK?

I have been hardly trying to understand this new colored account system and how it should be similar to monetary system as noted in info.

To me they look totally different things. With monetary system one could even do own client running in fimk blockchain using own currency and fimks for fees. Colored accounts seems just colored accounts with no fixed amount of colored fimks what could be referred as own currency.

Can anyone explain this better and simple way? :D

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