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Technical Discussion / Re: Network status
« on: October 14, 2018, 06:24:24 PM »
What pools still work right now? If i understand properly Warmach's pool is on a fork, right?

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Warmach's Forging Pool
« on: October 14, 2018, 06:11:45 PM »
What is the actual status of the pool?

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Selling my FIMK token
« on: May 17, 2017, 01:18:15 AM »
Soon HEAT AE exchange will be capable of trading not only BTC and HEAT but also FIMK. Maybe just wait a bit.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: FIMKers' Pool - join us now.
« on: July 17, 2016, 01:57:53 PM »
That's nice than, thank you ;) Well sorry for reminding it so late too. I thought it had something to do with ccedk down or something and in the meantime gave a try with warmach's pool.   

Please not forget to clarify that 3rd point too. I'm still curious and it might be helpful for others too. 

Greetings, good luck with the pool.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: FIMKers' Pool - join us now.
« on: July 17, 2016, 01:14:20 PM »


A small update regarding FIMKers' Pool. During the last few months I've been a bit inactive and that has been seen as late payments on the Pool front. The Pool has been fairly reliable with a uptime over 90%. Well, I'm back in the game for good and promoting the Pool again for all it's worth. Even though I have missed some paydays, every payment have been made fairly. And that will continue.

The rules stay the same.

1. We only accept lessors with a balance over 500000 FIMK's
2. We only accept leasing periods over 30000 blocks
3. Changes in forging balance should always be reported via mail to
4. There is a 5% commission

Any questions regarding the Pool will be answered here.

Not every payment i think. I leased two times at 5/14/16 and 6/4/16 (FIM ... ERKEP) still no overdue reward.

AD 3. What if change in balance won't be reported. I guess it will be calculated on basis of previous account value or am i thinking wrong?

FIMK Client discussion / Re: Introducing
« on: April 13, 2015, 10:24:54 PM »
That's completely understandable. Easiest and most effective way to accomplish goal is the best way. There will be time in future to upgrade basic now more needed features.

Thanks for taking my idea into account :) I think it's something what maybe could also fit to social zone/layer. I'll try to be first with polish translation :)

Just wanted to add one more thought about that words replacement idea. It would be interesting to let a bit of personalisation of MOFOW and to have option to create this way own aliases in place of FIMK notation of account addresses (or a small inscription under). It would be easier to remember nickname created by yourself for someone's account f.e. "That bloody FIMKonaire" instead of digital form of FIM-XXX-XXX-...-XXX. It would also let to easier find account you follow on any page like it is possible now with accounts with regular aliases.         

FIMK Client discussion / Re: Introducing
« on: April 11, 2015, 10:31:04 PM »

There is one text-based game Cantr II (also with finnish language zone btw...) with that great concept where every new character you see is uknown for you with default name like "man in his twenties" which you can change when you get to know name of that character.

And my idea is a semiautomatic translation system where all english words are kind of interactive that you can click each one and change it's value into right word in your native language (or f.e. change default features names into one you like better) creating your own dictionary database by which client data is displayed (you would actually rebuild client to look like you want).

This way you need only english version of MOFOWallet and all the rest of work is done by it's users! :)

This was also my idea for a way to learn new languages where default english text would be right away translated using your actual knowledge (your dictionary or default native dictionary/translation choosen by you in client) and than you could click on words you doesn't know yet to get selection list of propositions or write your own word (propositions not by google database but by most popular transaltion options used by other client users).

Me dream is to see something like that working in reality.   

Just a minor fix to look at

1. Date fix - Everywhere where should be 00:XX PM is 12:XX PM
2. Leasing history - refresh appear to doesn't work 

One common user suggestion.
When i'm sending FIMKs from account A to account B i go to account B address and click "send me FIM" but at this point i need to already know exact amount of FIMKs i want to send because i don't see my accounts balanses anymore. That's quite problematic when you want to use 5 or more digits and you need to go back to check and write down your balance on paper (you can't copy it when you have wallet password in memory already ;) ) to repeat action again.

Maybe there is other way to simplify this just by adding actual balance + value of last change of balance under FIMK Dashboard button and NXT Bashboard button (there could be option to choose one account to be default account). This way most imporant data would be availible any time. It would make life much easier.

Account-oriented client is quite logic after short time of testing but i still think it lacks someting like a main command center with basic stuff on hand ;) I have no idea how it could look like but moving all the time between specific options could become in future harder than now. I'll think more about it. But for now everything is really nice. I only miss that real-time new blocks comming - where you could see FIMK system living on your eyes ;) Hmm maybe you should like at client as a kind of game where you gather stuff and look like world of game is changing around you and how your balance is growing, or chances that your balance will grow go up or down ;)

BTW why not add blockchain game to it... ;) I'm a bit chaotic in my ideas sorry.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Fimk Forging Pool BETA launch!
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:36:19 AM »
I thought so. Thanks for info.

Just for people information it is always possible to send your FIMKS to your another account and forge there skipping leasing deadline earlier. That's what i did few days ago ;) But that's great that project is ending in a proper way.

General FIMK Discussion / Re: Fimk Forging Pool BETA launch!
« on: March 30, 2015, 11:51:37 PM »
Has pool server been updated to the new version?

FIMK Client discussion / Re: FIMK 0.4.0 - Everybody update please
« on: March 28, 2015, 09:46:20 PM »
Quote from: Dirk Diggler
If you want to get back the old UI the only way would be to copy back the contents of html folder from FIMK 0.3.3 to FIMK 0.4.0 [b
and[/b] set "nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui" in

Thanks it worked. Just needed to enable old UI and/or only use ctrl +F5 to get rid of old html from cache ;) Now need to try out new MOFO 4.1 too :)

FIMK Client discussion / Re: FIMK 0.4.0 - Everybody update please
« on: March 23, 2015, 02:36:16 PM »
>Leasing time count

Luckly i found a way by getting to know better interface. You just check leasing transaction details to add up manually block height and period - blocks of leasing - getting this way nr of block when leasing is ending while actuall block height i simply in Explorer > Blockchain tab. The only thing i miss in new wallet now is that social tab with updates on forum but it isn't so much essencial (and might be in plans on bigger scale or in different form). I guess we should focus on discovering all new stuff already done first.   

Thanks for details how to run old interface i'll try it out some other time.

Hmm BTW a different question. If i'm leasing account to forging pool which didn't update server to newest version yet is that affecting in any way leasing results or does blocks are forged there as usually? 

FIMK Client discussion / Re: FIMK 0.4.0 - Everybody update please
« on: March 22, 2015, 01:29:01 PM »
I made it and it works properly just needed to wait a bit more. Yes it is faster and many interesting things have been added.

But it lacks some old stuff, quite basic, that i really enjoyed. It lacks informations about new blocks. Now i still see in transactions date when i started leasing my FIMKS and  for how many blocks but i can't see any information on which block it started, on which block it will end and on which block we actually are progressing to estimate how much time will pass to end of leasing... I think page balance leasing isn't finished? Or maybe i don't know where to check it.. yet?     

There's much more info about general network statistics and that's great. But i'm a bit lost in this interface. Need to use to it maybe.

Is it possible to use old interface and check difference and old blocks statistics? I see option to enable it in nxt default properties but i still get new interface in browser at port 7886. How could i get back to old stuff for a moment?

FIMK Client discussion / Re: FIMK 0.4.0 - Everybody update please
« on: March 21, 2015, 08:01:51 PM »
Noobie question here about new server version.
A: Is old db file compatible or do i need download it again instead of copying old data?
B: Does all info about server activity (like in monitoring in new MOFO wallet with server) are availible from UI level after activating it?

I prefer to use server + browser instead of wallet it consumes less memory and energy, is faster or i run it only for some time e.c.
I must always mess something up so just need confirmation if i understand all changes properly. Thx for hints how to make it work again ;)


Gonna add my humble voice of reasonable FIMK stake holder to the discussion (if ya curious FIM-JN76-N2QC-PSPX-2KDT4)

I started as NXT entusiast with gaining a small stake at distribution, after few months discovered forging possibility, i had kind of weak performance needing few days to barely gain 1 block or none,  so bought some FIMK more and effect was much nicer but i couldn't forge sometimes due to lack of power, system crashes, need to shut down computer e.c but forged 10k FIMK myself till now. Later discovered leasing and using it i saw major improvement for much less effort (gain without disturbance and more blocks with the same stake... choice was obvious). And i really was happy seeing with eyes of my imagination great effects of leasing and compound interest in short future. Well but this would still be for nothing if my stake has no real value and if network would ultimatly die or be hijacked... right? This and lowwer FIMK value was stopping me from buing even more stake. Hmm maybe i should try running node now after extending my stake ;)

So leasing is creating a problem while it stays also an important, nice innovation. From my point of view if even rewarding system will be changed in favour of small stake holders lowwer reward might still not bit convenience of using leasing system. Forging with effort contra less but stable reward suits different groups of users and it's ok (freedom of choice is good it's just matter of balance). But i still rememeber lowwer effect of running my own node so i'm pitying and appreciate people who still run theirs nodes, they should be rewarded accordingly to their efforts and also it's very important(!) for being a true key to expansion of community and FIMK network obviously.

Second thing is FIMK value. FIMK needs to be used. Someone should focus on it too. You can have great innovative coin but without community, flow of coin and place in top of coins with actual daily trade volume and human force behind it coin is dead.

Third thing is story. FIMK needs a story, a myth, an immaterial value in heads of users. This goes hand in hand with long strategy for this crypto. Don't be afraid of pump and dump - it's better than value crash. Some coins go up only because they say to be trully anonymous. FIMK needs to have something like that, a big promise ( ;) ) to give coin some air and time for development. Maybe make space for community ideas and thoughts on improvements and new features. If someone owns it he should feel obligation to contribute even in very small way. Be on facebook, fire up discussion on BTT, get more souls into it.  Let's not be Nokia (great utility bad promotion and visibility ) or iPhone (great visibility and promotion but lack of real utility) of cryptocurrencies but Samsung (perfect balance for good price, openness).

I think that helpfull would be a tutorial how to integrate cryptocurrency as FIMK into a game. So that even beginners in programming could use it and promote further to wider audience. I was thinking about it myself i even thought about creating my own NXtbased thing for this goal but it was above my skills and understanding of crypto mechanics/code/java and so on...   

As for idea of forging FIMK by assosiation. Well isn't it a too big intervention in free user's activity based network? There should be clearly established boundaries of possible association intervention into FIMK basic mechanics. Some stable ground for building confidence of users that some things are carved in stone. Uncertainty is a killer of progress and confidence. Country without a stable law is seen as unpredictable und scares off investors, in cryptocurrencies it's even more important.

IMO Network must live by it's own and be itself resistant to such problems. Association isn't a parent, owner to come and make things right, change rules, redistribute stake everytime things aren't going as well as it should. It's a matter of mechanics, coin's law to be as well considerated and constructed to take care of future problems. It looks like leasing feature simply wasn't enough tested or maybe growth of community didn't match expectations - but it was a possible scenario from start.   
Association job isn't to redistribute coins again and strongly interfere to fix problems caused by imperfect mechanics but to change it into perfect to not need to do anything and let users and system solve their problems by themselfs and itself.     
Big stake holders can crash price of coin with the same probability as even bigger stake holders or many small stake holders pumping and dumping but the biggest threat to price are not big stake holders but lack of community with massive amount of small FIMK holders and of coin's utility, wider usability.   

Dirk's post contains few good points about direction of changes in rewarding mechanics.

IMO if there will be a reward for sending many transactions there can be a limit of transactions giving chance to get rewarded.
Random rewards for these running nodes sounds great. BTW Ratio of cost of sending message to probability of possible reward should solve problem itself - when it won't be profitable it won't happen. And probability can cointain something like a supercombo reward like in a lottery maybe...
;) Maybe by gaining points for forging and spending it for ticket with probability to win bigger reward just saying - i was thinking once how to hack lost NXT funds in NXT's void space of neverused accounts, kind of brute force hacking-like scriptpool treasures hunting ;)   

Since these changes in big way are lowwering actual excessive advantage of big stake holders forging, possibly changing it into disadvantage maybe there could be created system of subaccounts binded with main account somehow for example to let them split funds in transparent way without creating many fake accounts instead (or to let leasing balance to more than 1 account). 

There can be also a middle way promoting network of many small/medium stake nodes using even smaller leased stakes - maybe even by building-in feature for facilitating and to automate work for people with forging pools.       

BTW i forget sometimes to restart leasing after end of previous one. Could there be a feature/option turned on or off for automatic restart of leasing to chosen account? It would change convinient feature into perfect one (but of course it would promote lazyness of users even more ;) ).  - nevermind, didn't know it's already perfect ;)

FIMK for the win o7

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