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Thanks eRoh,

By noob I meant only with Fimk, not with computers in general.

I will check again as you have suggested... I have already peered over everything several times. It was 8 eight words separated by single spaces. No spaces in the beginning... no spaces at the end. I'll check for accidental enters or newlines.

*Didn't know if there had been major changes over the last year that would have made the old pass phrases non-usable.


Hi all,

Sorry I'm a bit of a newb. I had a friend that hasn't accessed her account since February 2016 (yes a full year ago). Entering in 8 word secret phrase on no longer gets to the same or correct account.

Also, I had since sold mine out, but to troubleshoot my old secret phrase also does not pull up the correct account.

Is there a way to access the old FIMK accounts with the old secret phrases?

Thanks in advance.


Hi All,

I know I'm probably just noob (with linux running ubuntu 14.04). I can run the (inside fim folder), no problem.

I cannot for the life of me get the 'mofowallet' file to run, I was wondering if you could give some help.

Pretend I know nothing and have just downloaded the mofo zip file, version 4.1. I create a folder mofo and place the contents of the zip inside. At this point? how do I get the mofowallet program to run. It doesn't do anything when I click on the mofowallet file, and i get errors when trying what others have said to do here in the terminal.

Maybe a short how-to posted on the mofo wallet website or inside a how-to file in the zip would help.

Thanks in advanced, I've been trying to get away from running anything in windows.


EDIT: After being down from forging for 10+ days, I'm back up and running on the 4.1 versions on Windows. It looks like the forging/block/fork issues were resolved. But I'd still like some help on the above, as to how to get it running on Ubuntu. thns again, and the new mofowallet is looking much improved! Thanks production team.

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