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We are pleased to offer FIMKrypto currency available as official OpenLedger backed asset FIMK

OpenLedger via CCEDK has access to FIMK coins, and has therefore  made OpenLedger IOU asset FIMK available for trade in selected markets.

It is possible to deposit FIMKrypto to FIMK OL asset against a deposit fee for FREE, and to withdraw with a fee of 1%

Description made on the OL explorer Cryptofresh:

The cryptocurrency FIMKrypto (FIMK) is listed as an IOU on OpenLedger with the asset name FIMK, it is backed by OpenLedger and CCEDK ApS FIMK adress with funds located on CCEDK APS: FIM-Z38B-MAXH-ZHXC-DWXYX.

Deposit fee is FREE, you send to above adress, but only after e-mail confirmation with amount and sender adress.

Withdrawal fee is 1% of FIMK IOU to FIMK real currency - send FIMK OL asset to account: fimk with your adress in memo.

Withdrawals and deposits are processed within 24 hours.

Based on validated OpenLedger accounts only and only with e-mail confirmation with amount and adress before transfer has taken place.

You may use this FIMK token against any assets on OpenLedger and it is accepted as a 1:1 value of the cryptocurrency FIMK.

The available trading pairs for FIMK are as follows:



ETH: not yet created but coming up

SMARTCOINS BitCNY:                  

SMARTCOINS BitUSD:                


Welcome to OpenLedger - Smart Trading Decentralized

All the best

Ronny Boesing
CCEDK / OpenLedger / CoinsBank

Public Profile Linkedin:

We're proud to launch our brand new OpenLedger promo.
It's called "OpenLedger - You are in Control"
Watch it here :

Click the image to watch the video !

If you have not yet opened an account, now is the time.  Just follow the "Get Started" video (Tutorial #1) below for the best first-time experience. Welcome.

Here's our tutorial video that shows how you how to get started on OpenLedger.

Click the image to watch the video!

Unlike ordinary exchanges on Openledger you are able to clearly follow the amounts kept in cold/hot wallet of the platform under

One major trading pair on platform to consider is the BTC/BTS:

Here's our new tutorial video that shows how you can fund your OpenLeder account with Bitcoin.

click the image to watch the video!

Bitcoin Killer App which bridges the gap between crypto and existing financial infrastructure!

Unlike prepaid cards similar to the ones from Xapo, ANX and others, Nanocard bridges the gap between disruptive digital currency and existing financial infrastructure

Read also on the subject the Forbes magazine article published July 16th:

And some user case studies on Nanocard;

I ask you all FimK members, why not give it an extra focus on CCEDK?

FimK trading is all in automode, and with a NanoCard working at the moment with btc, soon we could add FimK as the crypto supporting NanoCard and instant fiat worldwide.

Don't forget we accept EUR with SEPA on CCEDK:

It is really not that tricky, I think if you start doing some work inside the community making an active effort to add some increasing liquidity on exchange, you should have soon a debitcard where you can withdraw cash or pay your bills on the base of FimK funded on your CCEDK account.

If you consider the future a little, in a few months from now, CCEDK will be able to offer you to do your trading inside your very own CCEDK wallet, and as such then easily the most secure exchange anywhere.

So why why not start already now supporting CCEDK and the NanoCard, as the more support the sooner you will have FimK added to the card!

Thank you.

1. Support the NaNoCard headtalker campaign, Support NanoCard funding your dreams! on HeadTalker! It takes just a few seconds to help out.  Go to and click any of the big blue social network buttons to add your social support.

2. Support CCEDK as exchange bringing some FimK liquidity to exchange

3. From media September start using your very own CCEDK wallet as your preferred exchange on the base of multisig accounts, open orderbooks etc. "Everything about our new accounts will be an open book and you control the keys to your own funds, even while they are on our exchange."

GOAL: FimK supported debit NanoCard - Spend your FimK to fiat everywhere 24/7

3 month campaign already started - 0% Trading Fee enabled on on BTC/FIMK pair

Some users are already enjoying the 0% Trading commission on CCEDK.

We call it 0%, we have however maintained a very minimum fee of 0.001% in order to have the trading show on

Go now to enjoy this commission free trading and tell your friends as well.

If you like it to be even more attractive with activity, please retweet the tweet already made on @CCEDK_

@fimkryptotweet 0% Trading Fee enabled at #CCEDK on BTC/FIMK although still 0.001% to insure promotion @CoinMKTCap #crypto #Bitcoin #altcoin

All the best from CCEDK

and welcome to reduced fees on many other pairs in near future. Already now we can offer same special commission free trading on the BTC/EUR pair as well.

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