Author Topic: Lompsa Feature Request  (Read 640 times)

warmach on: July 26, 2016, 04:04:45 PM

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I am not sure if Lompsa development is going to continue or will be merged with HEAT.  This feature request also applies to HEAT.

My feature request to allow the client to "watch" one or more accounts.  Most of us have a few accounts and it is helpful to be able to see all of them in a combined dashboard.  We can then login to each as necessary to do what we need.

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Eliphaz Fimk #1 on: July 27, 2016, 03:13:34 PM

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That feature does exist on some of the older Lompsa, or Mofowallet versions that are still functional. Can't remember how early, but it's there...

It's an useful feature good to have also on HEAT if technically feasible. Not sure about the latter after Lompsa was changed to single signed in account mechanism and this feature dropped.